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Aldi follows Woolworths and Coles after years without shopping staple

Aldi has introduced a major change that could transform the way you shop.

The retailer announced it is now offering smaller trolleys in stores around Australia, marking another big revamp since it introduced shopping baskets for those who are either doing a smaller shop or are simply unable to manage the massive 212-litre trolleys they were notoriously known for.

The smaller trolleys will be half the size of the 1.1-metre high versions that were criticised for being "enormous" and too difficult for the elderly, pregnant and shorter people.

Aldi shopping trolley
After a long wait, Aldi has finally granted its customers' wishes for smaller, more manageable trolleys. Source: Getty Images (PA Images via Getty Images)

"We recognise that customers are looking for greater convenience when they visit our stores, as it's almost impossible not to pick up the excellent value products on offer. That's why we're introducing smaller trolleys across all our locations, so our customers can more efficiently pick up products while doing smaller grocery shops," an Aldi spokesperson confirmed.

Smaller trolleys are a regular sight in shops such as Coles and Woolworths, and are quite popular among shoppers. Loyal Aldi customers had long requested similar ones to be introduced in Aldi stores, amid complaints that the extra-large ones that the store kept could cause serious injuries and were "atrocious".

Welcome news

News of the new smaller trolleys spread fast and appears to have been welcomed.

"I went into my local Aldi and they have small trolleys like Woolies and Coles," one shopper wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

"A smaller trolley! Thank God! When I try and get my groceries out, I have to hang on tight or I go head first into the trolley and have trouble get back on my feet," one woman said half in jest.

"I had a cashier tell me these were on their way. For reference, I'm 5'3" and pregnant with twins, so reaching into the trolley to load my groceries onto the checkout is a pain," another shared.

In April, Aldi introduced baskets in their stores for the first time to the excitement of its customers, with many commenting that it was "about time". The announcement, which was made on the Aldi Facebook page, also prompted calls for smaller trolleys to be introduced.

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