Aldi shoppers in stitches over X-rated special buy: 'You sure?'

Supermarket giant Aldi has left customers in hysterics after a new dog toy made the rounds on social media for all the wrong reasons.

A photo of the toy, which is shaped like corn on the cob with a suction cup and is available in the UK, was shared by one amused woman who captioned it: "New premium DOG toys in at Aldi, with suction cup!"

The woman also inserted a blushing face and laughing emoji in her Facebook post.

Aldi dog toy shaped like corn on the cob with a suction cup
A dog toy shaped like corn on the cob with a suction cup is unintentionally leaving Aldi shoppers in hysterics. Credit: Facebook

The German supermarket, best known for its low prices, also has a "Special Buys" aisle that is quite popular among shoppers.

While products in this aisle don't usually raise eyebrows, this particular item has clearly appealed to the humour of Aldi fans.

Minds in the gutter

"Rushed to see the comment on this... am I the only one or are there more filthy minded swines here," one woman asked.

"Jesus wept! My mind is in the gutter!" someone else exclaimed.

Another person asked, "You sure that's a dog toy with a suction cup???"

The jokes just kept rolling in.

"Might get one of these, I don't own a dog though."

"Ribbed for your pleasure," another joked.

"A dog toy? Really? Or is it just me that laughed?" one person wrote in disbelief.

Some less-amused customers on the other hand, complained about the product, saying it is not suitable for dogs and looks highly offensive.

Other Facebook users however posted photos of dog toys from other stores that also looked questionable.

"Got this toy for mine from B&M today, I don't need to tell you what it looks like," one commented, while another chimed in to share a neon green version from the brand Wilko.

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