Coles shoppers lose it over X-rated Mother's Day buy

Coles customers have reacted with raised eyebrows after spotting an unlikely item in the grocery giant's Mother's Day catalogue.

The Best Buys catalogue advertises a range of Mother's Day buys which are on sale from April 22 until April 28, 2022, while stocks last.

But page three of the brochure sent customers into a spin as it features a rather suspect massage wand as a suggested gift for Mum.

Coles advertisement for massage wand
Coles customers are buzzing over the newest Best Buy. Source: Coles

The SABA Wand Massager comes in two colours and boasts a range of features, including strong and quiet vibration, waterproofing, and a soft skin-friendly waterproof head.

The wand is advertised at $49.99, as something that “can help relieve pain and fatigue in joints and muscles” - a detail that has shoppers cackling and asking “which muscles?”.

Other product details also have shoppers chuckling, with one customer stating: “Waterproof? Yeah, who’s gonna be massaging in the shower?”

Customers react to Mother's Day 'toy'

Although wand massagers have long been known to relieve muscle tension, shoppers aren’t convinced that's what the designers of this item had in mind.

One customer referred to the product as a "toy" and asked if it will be available at Aldi, which prompted a flurry of innuendo-laced responses in an Aldi fans Facebook group.

“Prices ain’t the only thing going down at Coles,” wrote a second person.

“Uhhh, I’ve brought literally the same thing but mine cost $200+ and has a different name,” commented a third.

“People buying this device can do G-rated type massage AND..OMG-rated!” joked a fourth.

“Ok but exactly how quiet? Asking for my neighbours!” added a fifth.

“Personally, the on switch should be on the other side,” commented another shopper alongside a wink emoji.

“This is so Samantha in Sex and the City,” one person wrote, referring to a scene in the series in which Kim Cattrall's character offers expert advice to others shopping for women-friendly massagers.

adult massager from Lovehoney
It looks a lot like this massager from adult sex shop Lovehoney. Photo: Lovehoney

It does look suspiciously like this 'rechargeable wand vibrator' from online sex toy store Lovehoney which is described on its website as a "powerful massage wand for solo or shared external pleasure".

This isn’t the first time a massage wand has captured consumers’ attention for an unintended reason. In 2020, Kmart released their own version of a Theragun massager, which quickly had customers claiming “it’s a vibrator in disguise, and everyone knows it.”

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