Aldi reveals huge change in all stores: 'About time!'

Aldi has announced that all its stores across Australia will soon have shopping baskets available for customers.

Baskets have been highly anticipated by shoppers who say it's "about time" they were introduced, as dozens of eager shoppers praised the decision on social media.

The supermarket chain announced the long-awaited change on Facebook on Tuesday confirming the addition will impact all stores in Australia. However, it's not yet known when it will take effect.

Aldi baskets stacked up instore
Aldi has introduced shopping baskets to all stores across Australia. Source: Facebook

"We’re rolling out baskets across all our stores, to help you with your weekly shop and dash in top-ups," Aldi announced on Facebook.

The rollout started throughout last year with baskets popping up in stores across parts of NSW and Queensland.

But for those whose local Aldi stores didn't have them yet, the announcement has come as a pleasant surprise

"And about freakin time! I’m sick of pinching boxes to carry my stuff in," one shopper wrote.

"Thank goodness! That means less trolleys, less congestion, more room to move around and shop," another gushed.

Another shopper said she'd recently found them in her local store and admitted she "absolutely loves the addition".

The change has also won over other customers who don't typically shop at Aldi.

"I might consider shopping in Aldi now," one admitted.

Aldi confirmed the change last year

In December last year, an Aldi spokesperson confirmed the change to Yahoo News Australia, saying all stores would have shopping baskets by early next 2022.

"We recognise that Australians are looking for greater convenience when they visit our stores. To make it more efficient for our customers to do a smaller grocery shop, we will be introducing shopping baskets across all of our stores," the spokesperson said.

"Baskets have been available at select New South Wales stores since late November, and all remaining stores across the country will receive baskets from early next year."

The decision comes after the German supermarket giant decided to trial the introduction of shopping baskets to some stores back in July.

“We are trialling baskets in select stores to assess the benefit it could bring to our stores and customers,” an Aldi spokesperson said at the time the trial started.

Aldi sign outside store
Aldi trialled shopping baskets in some stores throughout NSW and QLD as early as July last year. Source: Getty

Aldi shoppers call for more changes

Although the news of shopping baskets has thrilled many shoppers, some call for smaller trolleys.

This will make for an easier shopping experience, particularly for older customers.

"It’s really great..but ooh I wish there was a choice of smaller trolleys (much like Woolworths & Coles)..being 71 & having physical limitations I find the big trolleys really hard to handle. But I do love my Aldi store," one Aldi shopper wrote.

"Very glad you now have shopping baskets but looking forward to the day you have smaller trolleys like the other supermarkets," agreed another.

Others called for the speedy checkout system to change, as shoppers urged Aldi staff to "please slow down."

"Could you please slow down the process at the checkouts. People who have arthritis like me find it hard to sometimes keep up with the person on the checkout. It needs to slow down," one said.

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