Aussie man rages over Aldi sign in front of his shop: 'Burn it'

An Adelaide man has unleashed his fury at Aldi after spotting one of their advertisements at a bus stop directly outside of his shop.

John Kapiris, who owns the St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market in Rostrevor, Adelaide, was enraged when he saw the large sign promoting the supermarket's fresh produce, insisting Aldi had 48 hours to remove it.

Despite labelling it a "smart move" by the grocery chain, Mr Kapiris took offence to the ad which says "Aussie produce, ALDI prices", presumably because it threatens his own business which prides itself on offering fruit and vegetables sourced mainly from his family farm.

Addressing the supermarket giant in a heated 45-second clip shared on TikTok, the furious store owner claimed he would take matters into his own hands if the sign wasn't removed.

Bus stop Aldi sign, left, Adelaide shop owner on TikTok, right
The fruit shop owner has ordered Aldi to remove the sign. Source: TikTok

In a rant, Mr Kapiris said he would "burn it" down or "rip it off with a forklift" and doesn't care about the consequences.

"This is f***ing real. This is real. This is at the front of my shop. My shop. My son. My missus. My shop. My son. My missus. My shop," he fumed.

"Have a f***ing look at what these dogs are doing to me. ALDI, yes I’m going to f*** your sign up.

"So best just come and f***ing take it down because I’m going to f***ing burn it and I do not care if I go to jail. I. Don’t. Care. This sign will not be at the front of my shop.

"I’m going to f***, I’m going to rip it off with a forklift."

An Aldi spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Yahoo News Australia.

It appears Mr Kapiris regularly takes aim at Aldi in his videos on TikTok, with some followers claiming the ad is "payback."

A close-up of an Aldi store sign.
An Aldi spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Yahoo News Australia. Source: Getty

Customers react to store owner's plight: 'That's competition mate'

Many customers and people known to Mr Kapiris have shared messages of support in the video's comments.

"Feel for you mate. You are advertising Aldi with this post," one person said.

"That’s just messed up. ALDI is barking up the wrong tree," another wrote.

One person encouraged Mr Kapiris to "keep up the good work", saying "[we] need more people like urself looking out for smaller businesses".

"Aussie battler taking on the big business, good to see mate," wrote another.

However, others pointed out Aldi's sign is just "normal competition".

"That’s competition mate, don’t be in business if you can’t handle competitors," one viewer said.

"It's called marketing," another pointed out.

One person insisted "Aldi is cheaper", telling Mr Kapiris "this is life" and urging him not to be angry.

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