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Aldi shopper calls for change to store’s ‘dangerous’ trolleys

An Aldi customer has raised concerns over the extra-large size of the store’s shopping trolleys, saying they could cause "serious injury" to shoppers.

"Aldi trolleys are so big and tall that they are not suitable for very short people like me," the worried shopper said in a post on a popular Aldi Facebook group.

"They come up to my neck and reaching in to put your stuff on the checkout escalator always hurts reaching down into the trolley.

"They are hard for us little people to handle. It is different for taller people - for us, someone crashing into you with their trolley could give you a very serious neck injury."

She went on to say that the trolley size was simply to "trick" customers into buying more.

Woman with an Aldi trolley.
Aldi trolleys have been labelled ‘dangerous’ by customers. Source: Getty Images

"The only reason they are so big and deep is to trick a shopper that they haven’t filled it much," she said.

"They are dangerous especially to the elderly and people like me who have had four spinal surgeries. I mention this every time I go to an Aldi store."

Shoppers label Aldi trolleys ‘atrocious’

Her post was met by similar concerns from fellow shoppers.

"I’m short too and find getting things out of the trolley at the checkout hard. I feel like I need to climb in," one said.

"Come on Aldi, provide trolleys that the larger part of your customer base can actually use comfortably. The ones you have are atrocious," said another.

"I'm tall so they don't really bother me that much... but trying to get my kids in the seat part... I feel like I'm lifting them over my head," said a third.

Aldi trolley.
Aldi customers have raised concerns over the safety of the store’s oversized trolleys. Source: Getty Images

This isn't the first time the retailer’s giant trolleys have come under fire.

Customers have complained about the huge 212 litre, 1.1m high trolleys since they were first released, with many saying they are unsafe.

In a separate Facebook post, another customer asked how others felt about the size of the German supermarket’s trolleys. Her post was met with more than 300 comments with the majority agreeing with her.

“Absolutely, I’m just under 5ft tall and feel like I need to take a small ladder with me to reach the bottom of the trolley, however, being vertically challenged is a ‘challenge’ when I shop anywhere with shelves getting taller every year,” one shopper said.

“Yes!!!! I hate when it’s time to unload on the conveyer belt cause I can never get the stuff at the back or the trolley without struggling!!! I’m not even short, I’m 163cm but feel like I’m super short,” commented another.

Facebook post sparks Aldi shoppers call for change

Some shoppers have since called on Aldi to introduce half-trolleys like Woolworths and Coles.

“What are the chances that Aldi will bring in the half trolleys that Woolies and Coles have?” one shopper asked in a separate Facebook post.

“Yes, please. It’s really hard reaching the bottom of the trolley. I find the same at Costco their trolleys are huge,” a fellow shopper responded.

Aldi trolley full of goods.
Shoppers have revealed that the height of the stores' trolleys often makes shopping difficult. Source: Getty Images

“A lot of people grab the Coles half trolleys and shop at Aldi. My mum uses one, as she's vertically challenged,” added another.

“As much as I would love it, not sure it would be in Aldi’s cost-effective model if they only have one type of each item to keep overheads down. Very low chance of them having two types of trolleys,” commented a third.

Yahoo News Australia understands that Aldi reviews customer feedback such as the comments about trolleys and shares recommendations with the relevant teams.

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