Aldi customer’s shopping basket 'hack' slammed: 'So inconsiderate'

An Aldi shopper has taken to social media to share a sneaky shopping basket trick after forgetting to bring a gold coin for a trolley.

“No coin for a trolley. The universe decided to take matters in its hands and provided me with an opportunity,” wrote the customer on the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group.

Aldi shopping basket holder transformed into makeshift trolley
An Aldi shopper has shared a shopping basket hack on Facebook after forgetting to bring a gold coin for a trolley. Source: Facebook

The woman shared a photo demonstrating how she used the shopping basket holder as a trolley to wheel her basket around the supermarket without needing a gold coin.

While the basket holder allowed the shopper to wheel her basket full of groceries around the store, she did admit the swivel wheels left something to be desired.

She also pointed out that she made sure there were plenty of baskets to go around before she took the basket holder on a trip around the Aldi store.

Aldi shopper walks in supermarket holding a shopping basket
Aldi customer's shopping basket act divided opinions on Facebook, with some saying it was "inconsiderate." Source: Getty

“There was a waist high stack next to this lonely duo,” she wrote in the comments.

Several shoppers were quick to applaud the woman’s ingenuity in the comments, with many saying she was a “genius” and “clever.”

Makeshift trolley sparks debate between Aldi customers

However not everyone could see the funny side of the shopper’s act, with the post dividing opinion of people in the comments.

“Inconsiderate to the staff and to others looking to do the right thing and put the baskets back when finished,” wrote one shopper.

“That's so inconsiderate to other shoppers. Sorry, but that is not what the basket trolley is designed for. It's so the baskets are in a neat pile,” wrote a second.

“As a retail worker I can say I hate when people do this because it just adds more work into my already tripled workload,” wrote a third.

A former Aldi employee concurred in the comments, saying that it used to really grind her gears when customers would take the basket holder for their own use.

The Aldi shopper responded to negative comments assuring people that “no one was inconvenienced” and the “single basket on the trolley was begging to be of service.”

‘The future is now’: Aldi introduces shopping baskets to Melbourne stores

Meanwhile shoppers have shared their excitement over the introduction of hand held shopping baskets to Melbourne stores.

One shopper shared a photo of the black and blue plastic shopping baskets stacked neatly in the holder on Facebook. The caption read simply: “The future is now!”

Side-by-side image. Left: Aldi shopping baskets stacked neatly in Melbourne store. Right: Aldi sign on roof of store
Aldi introduces shopping baskets to regional Melbourne stores. Source: Facebook/Getty

Fellow Aldi fans rejoiced in the comments, with shoppers saying “about time,” “at last” and “finally”.

While others pointed out that Aldi had previously introduced shopping baskets in other regions.

“Canberra had baskets on wheels about eight years ago,” wrote one shopper.

“Queensland had them a few years back for a bit, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them around at others,” wrote another.

Others joked that shoppers would soon “need a coin” to use a basket when they shop in-store.

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