Fed-up resident calls out dog walker's 'inconsiderate' poo act

A frustrated Sydney resident has gone to extreme lengths to stop a dog walker in their tracks by calling out their "inconsiderate" act on a local street

It seems the poopetrator keeps dumping dog poo in residents' empty bins, but one person kicked up a stink.

In photos shared with Yahoo News Australia, the inner-city resident had written a note and stuck it on a black plastic bag containing the offending excrement.

Resident leaves a hand-written note on dog poo bag taken from bin
A Sydney resident was sick of dog owners dumping bags of dog poo in their bins. Source: Supplied

"Dog owners," it starts in big, bold letters. "Please do not put dog poo in resident's empty bins.

"It is very inconsiderate and who wants a bin smelling of dog sh*t?!! Put it elsewhere."

The bag was presumably filled with poop that was taken from the bin. It was placed on the grass with the note attached, and suggests there is more than one culprit.

However frustrating it might be for some, it's not an isolated incident and others have vented their frustrations too.

Earlier this month, another Sydney woman took her gripe to Facebook about having to hose out her bin regularly thanks to poo dumping.

"Whilst I appreciate people cleaning up after their dog when they do their business, I don't appreciate it being placed in my bin right on collection day when it's empty so I can have the bin sitting in my driveway smelling like sh*t all week," she wrote.

Her post prompted a heated debate about "dog poo etiquette" and many overwhelmingly agreed it was "rude."

However, many dog owners thought putting dog poo in the closest bin was totally acceptable and preferable to carrying it around.

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