Homeowner's clever ploy to catch dog poo bandit

A man fed-up with cleaning up dog poo from the front of his home has taken an extreme approach to catching the culprit.

Steve Tamblyn, from Lower Mitcham in Adelaide’s east, installed security cameras at the front of his house and soon found the images he was looking for.

In the grainy CCTV footage, a woman can be seen walking past Mr Tamblyn’s property before her golden retriever stops to do its business on the grass.

After several seconds, the pair walk away with the woman briefly looking towards Mr Tamblyn’s home.

The woman was spotted on CCTV walking away from her dog’s feces. Source: Facebook/Steve Tamblyn

Uploading the video to Facebook, Mr Tamblyn called on the community to help identify the owner.

“If anyone in the Lower Mitcham area recognises this dog walker, please remind them to pick up their dog’s turd in front of my house,” he wrote.

“Just because it’s 6:47am doesn’t mean no-one is watching.”

But the hunt didn’t end there.

Mr Tamblyn then printed out the image of the woman and her squatting dog and put it on a post next to the dog’s excrement.

Mr Tamblyn erected a sign in his yard to help identify the woman and deter any other dog owners from leaving a mess. Source: Facebook/Steve Tamblyn

“[I] took a screenshot and put a picture right by the number left there, so I thought if she walks past and sees that there’s a good chance she’ll clean it up,” he told ABC.

“I’ve been checking the surveillance each morning to see whether she has.

“There have been a lot of dog walkers though walk past and notice it so I think this might be the last deposit left on my verge.”

Mr Tamblyn also has a dog himself and said he loves animals – he just doesn’t like dodging their waste on footpaths.

The video has been viewed almost 6000 times since it was uploaded on Monday.