Why officials can't contact $50 million Powerball winners

Two lucky winners have scooped up a $50 million slice of the equal-largest division one lottery prize pool in Australian history – and they may not even know it yet.

A ticket sold in Sydney and another online to someone in Victoria were the only two to get a taste of the $100 million Powerball jackpot by correctly selecting 3, 13, 27, 31, 32, 33, 35 and the Powerball 3.

But rather than chucking a sickie today and living it up, there’s every chance the winners, who had a one in 134 million chance of taking out division one, are oblivious to their lifechanging windfall after they both failed to register their details.

The Lott said the Sydney entry was unregistered while the online entrant hadn’t supplied complete contact details.

Both Powerball winners failed to register their tickets and fill out their personal details. Source: Getty

“While we are unable to confirm the win with either of our winners, we can guarantee that when they discover the news, their life is set to change when their bank balance balloons by a whopping $50 million,” spokesman Matthew Hart said in a statement after the draw.

“Make sure you check your entry tonight or first thing in the morning because you may not have to go to work tomorrow. Instead, you could start planning how you can play by your own rules and begin your life as a multi-millionaire.”

Everyone check your tickets

Just because you might not have scooped the major prize doesn’t mean your ticket is a dud.

Thursday’s draw also saw more than 3.79 million prizes won across divisions two to nine worth more than $66.6 million. Among these winners were 15 division two winners who each take home a prize of $122,896.20.

Everyone should check their tickets to see if theyhave won any of the 3.79 million prizes.

“While two entries won the coveted division one prize, more than 3.79 million other divisional prizes worth $66.6 million were won tonight,” Mr Hart added.

“So for anyone holding a ticket in tonight’s draw, it could pay for you to check your ticket – either online, via the Lott app or in any licenced lottery outlet.”

“If you check your ticket and discover you are holding the winning ticket, we recommend you keep it safe and contact 131 868 to start the process of claiming your prize!”