Desperate scramble for rarest Little Shop toy after Coles announcement

Aussie parents and children scrambling to complete the Coles Little Shop competition now have their eyes set on the rarest prize of all.

Shoppers have been inundating supermarkets around the country ever since Coles launched 30 miniature toys to collect in mid-July.

Desperate parents have been taking to Facebook swap groups to try and get their hands on mini Vegemite, Nutella and even Dettol hand wash – but now the search is on for a “limited edition” prize that holds a lot more value. 

The latest Coles promotion says in addition to the 30 toys there are also 1000 mini Red Hands, inspired by the long-running ‘down, down’ advertising campaign, that also come with a $100 supermarket gift card.

The Coles Little Shop promotion includes 1000 mini red hands with a $100 shopping voucher. Source: Coles

But as the August 28 competition deadline draws near, participants are starting to question if the little red hand is just a myth.

“Did anyone know these existed?” one Little Shop participant asked on Facebook.

“I call bs, never heard of em,” another wrote. 

Speaking to Yahoo7 News, a Coles spokeswoman insisted the little red hands are definitely a real thing.

“These are not only a special edition collectables, but also provide customers with a $100 Coles supermarket voucher. There are still more than 600 little Big Red hands to be found across Australia,” she said.

One NSW woman proved the shiny little hands are in fact circulating after she scooped one up just days after the competition kicked off.

Woohoo I got a Coles Little Shop Rare Red Hand 🖐️. Wow their is only 1000 and I got one 😊I was really happy to find…

Posted by Adriana Wesdorp on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

‘Absolute joke’: Beachgoer outraged by Little Shop

A Sunshine Coast man has vented his fury after finding one of the collectibles washed up on the beach.

The campaign had been criticised for releasing more plastic into the environment after the hype surrounding the move from single-use plastic bags said to be motivated by a wish to help the environment.

Tyson Jones posted a picture of one of the Coles collectables he claims he found washed up on Buddina Beach at Point Cartwright while walking his dog.

Coles shoppers have been taking to swap groups on Facebook and at supermarkets to try and collect all 30 items. Source: Coles

“As usual I collected any signs of plastic and fishing material along the high tide line when I came across the Coles product,” Mr Jones told Yahoo7.

“When I first heard about the promotion I thought to myself how long would it be before these items started ending up in our ocean and surely enough in no time I was picking one off my local beach.”

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