Debate rages over common dog poo act: 'Smells like s***'

An Aussie woman has sparked a fierce debate between pet owners and residents over dog poo etiquette and whether it's acceptable to dispose of canine excrement in someone else's bin.

The disgruntled Sydney woman kicked off a heated conversation on Saturday when she slammed people for putting dog poo bags in her bin.

Dog owner holds leash with dog poo bags
A Sydney woman has sparked a fierce debate over dog poo etiquette. Source: Getty

"I'm sure I'll get hate for this but it's become very frustrating of late and I just want to vent," she began in a post to a local community Facebook group.

The woman explained that she was fed up with people throwing their dog poo bags in her empty bin after collection day.

"Whilst I appreciate people cleaning up after their dog when they do their business, I don't appreciate it being placed in my bin right on collection day when it's empty so I can have the bin sitting in my driveway smelling like sh*t all week," she wrote.

'Am I being unreasonable?'

The Sutherland Shire resident also lamented that she was forced to hose her bin after the dog owner in question failed to ensure that the dog poo bag was properly sealed.

She wrote: "I also shouldn't have to hose my bin because you've chosen not to seal the bag."

While the woman assured residents that she understood the plight of cleaning up after a dog – as a dog owner herself – she said she would never throw a bag full of dog poo in a neighbour's empty bin.

Empty red bins standing open on the street
The woman is fed up with people throwing dog poo bags in her empty bin. Source: Getty

"It's just rude... am I being unreasonable by thinking this is NOT right to do?"

Despite fearing she would get "hate" for sharing her views, many local residents agreed with her.

Residents vent frustration

"Yes, I agree. Please take your own dog poo home with you or put it in the public trash," wrote one man.

"Totally agree. I had three bags placed in my empty bin with one of them now stuck to the bottom. I have two dogs and take my poop bags home to put in my own bin!" wrote a second.

"I agree with you. I have a dog and still do not put dog poo in the bin until the night it is to be emptied so I certainly wouldn't put it into someone else's bin. Your dog, your responsibility to dispose of your dog's poo responsibly," a third commented.

Dog owner throws dog poo bag in bin, as small dog looks on
Sutherland Shire residents were divided over whether it's acceptable to dispose of dog poo bags in someone else's empty bin. Source: Getty

'Pick your battles', say dog owners

However, many dog owners revealed that they thought putting dog poo in the closest bin was totally acceptable and better than carrying it around.

"I don't appreciate my dog s***ing on my walk, so I find the closest bin to put it in so I don't have to hold it, next time I'll leave it on your driveway," commented one resident.

Another resident wrote: "Pick your battles. It's dog poo – either in your bin or on your driveway, what do you prefer?"

The same resident, a dog owner from Kurnell, told Yahoo News Australia that people should "be thankful" dog owners are cleaning up after their dogs rather than leaving it in the street.

"People really need to pick their battles when it comes to dog owners. We've done the right thing and cleaned up after our dogs. It's a bin, rubbish goes in there anyway and let me tell you, that doesn't smell like roses either," she said.

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