Creepy discovery in couple's backyard three years after moving in

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A couple who moved into their home a few years back have continued to find bizarre objects on their property, but their most recent find is downright creepy.

Taking to a Facebook page dedicated to weird and wonderful finds, an American woman explained she and her partner had been living in their home since 2019.

"Previous owners left a ton of junk in our woods, we're still finding weird and crazy things," she wrote.

This time, they found a doll arm.

Pictured is the doll arm in the dirt
A couple found a creepy doll's arm in the woods on their property. Source: Facebook

At first, it was just the doll's fingers that were exposed and the woman said that was "kinda creepy".

Luckily, their dog was there to help dig the doll's arm up and the woman said she then chased her husband around the shed with the arm. Her husband ran away from her.

"I wonder if we'll find more (doll) body parts?!" she questioned.

In the comments, the woman explained they had found a lot of junk in their woods, including broken TVs, two toilets, glass jars, tyres and tractor parts.

She said they had been cleaning up the junk "a little at a time" but they most likely need a few skip bins.

Pictured is the doll arm after it was dug up.
Along with the doll arm, the couple have found more strange items on their property – like toilets and televisions. Source: Facebook

A few people agreed the doll's arm was a bit creepy, or something straight out of a horror film.

"I would need to move, I think," one person admitted in the comments of the post.

One person thought it might have been a twisted joke from the previous owners and the post said it had inspired others to leave doll parts in their backyard if they decide to move.

Turns out finding doll parts on your property isn't all that uncommon. A few people shared pictures of the cursed doll heads they found in their backyards.

In April this year, a couple also in the US, found plaster moulds of human bodies in their garden. Initially, they thought the discovery was something much more sinister. However, it still creeped them out.

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