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Housemates make disturbing discovery in attic of Melbourne home

A group of Melbourne housemates made a disturbing discovery in the attic of their rented townhouse after wandering upstairs to explore the area.

The Fitzroy locals were shocked to find a series of old photos and dusty clothes pinned to the brick wall, describing it as a "stalker shrine".

Alongside a pair of football boots and other sporting memorabilia, Matt Martin, whose girlfriend lives in the townhouse, claims to have discovered some other "creepy" personal items too.

Used Band-Aids, chewing gum, and a chunk of hair were sealed safely inside zip-lock bags, alongside some sort of liquid substance.

Matt Martin shared a video on TikTok after a disturbing discovery in Melbourne attic.
The Fitzroy locals were shocked to find old photos and dusty clothes pinned to the brick wall in what they described as a 'stalker shrine'.

Mr Martin shared the weird discovery on TikTok leaving people horrified.

Social media goers took turns in trying to identify the person in the images, with many suggesting it could be a former Richmond AFL player.

Housemates inform police of discovery

The discovery left many people rattled and desperate to find out more, with some urging Mr Martin and his friends to report it to the police.

Following advice from strangers on the internet, Mr Martin revealed in a follow-up clip that they eventually called a police hotline but were allegedly told "if there's no body part, we can't do anything."

Mr Martin and his friends then went to Fitzroy police station who were "fully supportive" and filed a report, he claims.

Speaking to, Mr Martin admitted "it was really, really scary stuff," and they've since tried contacting the landlord in a bid to learn more.

He claims the current owners, who bought the house in 2016, were warned by builders at the time about the items in the roof but they didn't seem fussed, according to Mr Martin, who was told to "leave it or throw it".

Writing in a comment on his video, Mr Martin said: "I doubt anything will come of it. It's either a creep with a weird obsession with a footy player ,or an art installation."

The group are reportedly planning on clearing out the space, but they first have to decide who's brave enough to do it.

"I think one of us is going to have to do the dirty work," he said.

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