Garage sale item sold for $42, worth $14 million

One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure – that’s at least if this recent find at a garage sale is anything to go by.

Clifford Schorer, an art collector based in Boston, told CNN in 2019 he was running late for a party and stopped by a bookstore to purchase a gift.

The bookseller told Mr Schorer his friend had obtained a drawing by German artist Albrecht Dürer who died in 1528. Mr Schorer was sceptical – Dürer was regarded as one of the finest German artists of all time and the last unknown drawing of his was discovered 100 years ago.

Nonetheless, Mr Schorer took a look at the picture. The owner told him they purchased it for about $42 at a garage sale in 2017.

Albrecht Dürer's The Virgin and Child is pictured.
Albrecht Dürer's The Virgin and Child. It was bought at a garage sale for less than $50 but is believed to be worth millions. Source: AgNews

The previous owner, an architect, had received it as a gift from his dad.

"I think it's either the greatest forgery I've ever seen or a masterpiece,” he told the owner.

Albrecht Dürer's The Virgin and Child find deemed legitimate

Mr Schorer told CNN he felt a “kind of electricity” with a sense the picture might actually be real.

Keen to determine if it is actually an original, he spent three years and more than a dozen international flights having the picture looked at.

The British Museum is among those who have analysed it.

And it turns out, the picture titled The Virgin and Child is legitimate. It means a $42 picture is actually worth $14 million according to Mr Schorer.

It is being offered for sale at AgNews art dealership in London.

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