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Mum's priceless find inside 90c 'paperweight' from garage sale

A New Zealand woman who bought a 90 cent paperweight at a garage sale has discovered a priceless item inside.

Jessica Roberts' son talked her into buying the heart-shaped trinket five years ago.

It wasn’t until recently, as Ms Roberts was scrolling Amazon, that she realised she had actually bought a small urn.

The heart-shared urn
Jessica Roberts has owned the heart-shaped trinket for five years after her son insisted she buy it for 90 cents at a second hand sale. Source: Facebook

Ms Roberts was surprised and told her Facebook followers she might have something priceless in her hands.

"So I was sitting here looking at random things on Amazon and I see the same paperweight being sold for $30.00 and click on the picture to see what is so special about it and well it's a type of urn for small amounts of human or animal ashes," she wrote.

“Do I open it? Do I throw it away? If I've learned anything from horror movies this is how you get haunted," the mum questioned.

She eventually opened the urn and posted images of a small bag of ashes she found inside, hoping to track down the owner.

"Within hours, screenshots had been shared on multiple pages and it was an amazing outpour of people who wanted to help," Ms Roberts wrote.

The Chronicle also picked up the story and published it hoping to find out the mystery behind the urn.

Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts (pictured) bought the trinket from a garage sale about five years ago for just 90 cents. Source: Facebook

"I was contacted by the husband of the woman who had lost the urn,” Ms Roberts said.

Ms Roberts said the urn belonged to a woman who lost it years ago and the ashes were that of her father in-law’s.

After "speaking with the husband", Ms Roberts managed to return the urn just in time for Christmas.

The woman’s husband surprised her with the urn on Christmas morning.

"Her father's remains can finally rest where they belong—with her," Ms Roberts added.

"After how miserable 2020 has been, I feel truly honoured to be able to bring someone a little bit of joy for the Christmas season."

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