Homeowner's disturbing find after spotting 'something strange' in garden

A homeowner was left questioning the history of her home after making a disturbing discovery in her garden.

The woman, from Washington in the US, spotted "something strange" while tidying up her property prompting her to dig up the ground — but what she found left her extremely unsettled.

"I saw something strange in a hole today as I was pulling weeds on a hillside, and I was not let down when I started to dig," she wrote on Facebook.

The woman found something strange in her garden and decided to dig it up. Source: Facebook
The woman found something strange in her garden and decided to dig it up. Source: Facebook

The woman found what looked to be two human bodies — a male and a female — which gave her and her husband "really weird vibes".

Thinking the worst, the homeowner thought they could be human remains and was desperate to find out more.

In one photo she shared on Facebook, a human arm appears to be poking out of the earth with its hand clenched into a fist.

"Is that an arm?" one person questioned, clearly spooked by the odd find.

"Nope. For sale sign in the yard tomorrow if this was my place," another wrote.

Homeowner curious about 'weird' find

The woman quickly realised it wasn't as it seemed and the human bodies were actually casts.

They both appeared to be wearing real underwear too, further adding to the perplexity of the discovery.

The unearthing, naturally, left her a little spooked but she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Still not content with the realisation that they were moulds and not real humans, she wondered if there was more to the strange casts and thought there could be human remains inside.

"My husband and I both had really weird vibes from them and we were too curious about what was inside… We broke them open," she revealed.

"To ease everyone’s minds, there were no obvious remains inside. They just seemed like home made plaster casts."

The unsettling find ended up being casts of two human bodies which gave the woman 'weird vibes'. Source: Facebook
The unsettling find ended up being plaster casts of two human bodies '. Source: Facebook

Weirdly, inside one was an old petroleum jelly jar, which "can be suspicious," she said.

But the petroleum jelly is said to be useful when making casts, someone revealed in the comments, adding the previous owners could have been art students.

Not the first strange discovery made

It's not the first time she'd discovered "weird stuff" buried on her land, she revealed.

Suspecting the house was built in the 80s, the woman said: "We have found a lot of weird stuff buried on our property and we’ve slowly been throwing things out as we uncover them."

"[These] were found in a known trash pile we found buried down a hill on our property a while ago that we have slowly been clearing away," she added.

After speaking with neighbours who've been "in the area for a long time" it became evident that the previous owners were hoarders, hence the strange items they've found since moving in.

"We also know there was a lot of drug activity here back in the day so I couldn’t help but to see what was inside," she added.

At first she thought they were human remains with people agreeing they 'look real'. Source: Facebook
At first, she thought they were human remains with people agreeing they 'look real'. Source: Facebook

Facebook users react: 'This is horrifying

The discovery left Facebook users both shocked and amused with many baffled by the unusual find.

"This is horrifying. I want them," one quipped.

"Best one yet! I'd dig up the whole yard!" another said

"What a strange thing to find buried in your yard lol. I’m super curious what other cool things you’ve found there," wrote a third.

Many joked they should be displayed proudly as a feature in her garden, but some weren't so impressed and deemed the "bodies" creepy.

"I would have sh*t my pants," one person admitted.

"If I started digging and came across what looked like a dead body, I would of died of a heart attack," another said.

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