Woman calls police after bizarre find in her car's exhaust pipe

Police were called to a woman's home after she claimed to find what looked like human hair stuffed inside the exhaust pipe of her car.

Deborah Lieber, from Wisconsin in the US was concerned after noticing "black, brunette, blonde and grey" strands of hair hanging from her car on the weekend, and she couldn't tell if it was from a "human, animal, beast or a bunch of dolls."

"Neither one of us wanted to believe it was human hair, but it looked like human hair," she told Yahoo News Australia.

The couple called the police who came to investigate after finding huge amounts of hair in their exhaust pipe
The couple called the police who came to investigate and were shocked by what they saw. Source: Deborah Lieber

The couple were preparing for a Valentine's Day party when her husband first noticed the hair.

"He seemed upset and unsettled. He’s an ER doctor and it takes a lot to rattle him, so I knew something weird was happening," she said

"He told me he found hair coming out of our muffler and he pulled it out, but there was more still inside. He thought it was probably a wig, but the expression on his face made me realise something more was going on.

"He went back outside with a coat hanger to dig deeper into the pipe. By the time I came outside to help him, he had already removed a mound of hair. We were both trying to process what this was."

'I was ready to pack my bags and sell the house that day'

Ms Lieber shared the ordeal on Facebook along with pictures of what she'd found and claimed there was enough to "fill a garbage bag".

The photos show clumps of long, matted "hair" being pulled from the car's exhaust.

Ms Lieber said it was obvious that the officer was as perplexed as they were.

"He kicked around the hair and was outside for a half-hour, trying to sort out what this was," she said.

The officer ruled out "foul play" and labelled it a "weird prank", Ms Lieber said, leaving her dumbfounded and eager to investigate.

"Whatever it was (wig, hair, fur) all the options seemed weird. I thought it was straight out of the Ring or Blair Witch Project. I was ready to pack my bags and sell the house that day," she said.

Ms Lieber dug a little deeper and found the hair she thought was human was actually "muffler hair."

"My brother-in-law called and suggested this wasn’t an intentional act at all, but in fact was most likely muffler hair," she revealed. "We’d never heard of muffler hair"

The muffler hair was pulled from the cars exhaust pipe
The couple was convinced it was real human hair but later realised it was 'muffler hair'. Source: Deborah Lieber

'That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen'

She took her finding to Facebook where thousands of social media goers were left shocked by the resemblance the "muffler hair" has to real human strands.

"Apparently (rarely) when mufflers are about to break, some start to shed the material that muffles the sound and it comes out of the exhaust pipe looking like hair," she explained.

"So protruding muffler hair is a thing I guess? It’s the weirdest darn thing I’ve ever found, that’s for sure."

Some even admitted something similar happened to them, and they too thought the worst.

The 'hair' was jammed inside the exhaust pipe leaving the couple perplexed.
The 'hair' was jammed inside the exhaust pipe leaving the couple perplexed. Source: Deborah Lieber

"This happened to us a couple years ago. We thought it was some idiot trying to mess with the car until we did a bit of research and talking to other car guys," one comment read in response to the post.

"That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen, and I would’ve been so freaked out," wrote another.

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