Woolworths shopper slams 'disgraceful' condition of meat

A Woolworths shopper was outraged over the lamb steaks he received as part of his recent online order from the supermarket.

The disappointed shopper, who purchased the lamb steaks at his local Stawell store in Victoria, took to the Woolworths Facebook page to share a photo of the $13 lamb steaks he received.

Much to the customer’s dismay, the lamb steaks in question appear to be “scraps of meat” rather than full steaks.

“These are supposed to be lamb steaks, they are just scraps of meat,” wrote the disgruntled shopper in his post.

Strips of lamb steaks sit on a plate next to Woolworths packaging.
Woolworths shopper calls condition of lamb steaks a 'disgrace'. Source: Facebook

The Victorian man said that despite contacting customer service both online and through live chat, he was only able to speak with a “very annoying” chatbot who did not resolve the issue.

His calls to his local Stawell store were also left unanswered by the team.

“Not only is it a disgrace that this can be sold as lamb steaks and cost $13 but nobody wants to help,” the disappointed shopper added.

Woolworths says condition of lamb is ‘very concerning’

Woolworths quickly responded to the Stawell shopper on Facebook to apologise for the poor customer experience and to confirm that they would raise the issue with their team.

“We're committed to providing the highest quality products, so seeing the lamb steaks in that condition is very concerning,” wrote a Woolworths representative.

"We'd like to apologise for this poor experience, and with the photos you've sent, we'd like to bring this to the immediate attention of our team," they said.

Woolworths staff member and customer at a register. Source: Woolworths
Woolworths apologised to the customer for 'very concerning' condition of lamb steaks. Source: Woolworths

The Woolies customer service team has since been able to resolve the issue with the frustrated customer and provided the man with a $20 E-gift card gift card to replace the “deceptive” lamb steaks.

“We've now looked into this further and can see that our team have resolved this with you via private message,” wrote a Woolworths representative.

Woolworths shopper shocked to find used nappy in online order

As the pressure rises for supermarkets amidst state-wide lockdowns, Woolworths continue to face the wrath of customers who are taking to social media to voice their concerns over their disappointing online orders.

One such customer was a Victorian woman named Wilma who was "shocked and disgusted" when she discovered a used nappy in one of her Woolworths delivery bags.

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” said the shopper, who hails from Melton South in Victoria.

“I thought to myself: 'Is this really what I think it is?' Why the hell have we got this with our shopping?”

A wet nappy sits in the bottom of a Woolworths plastic bag.
A customer said she was 'shocked and disgusted' to find a wet nappy in her Woolworths online order. Source: Supplied

The 73-year-old woman, who has been shopping with Woolworths online for some time, told Yahoo News Australia she noticed that one of the bags she received was different from the others.

But, it wasn’t until reaching into the bag and pulling out the item that she realised it was in fact a used nappy.

“I don’t like to cause a fuss, but I just had to tell somebody about this,” said Wilma.

She went on to say that her son, who is a former Woolworths employee, urged her to tell the supermarket.

Her son also suggested that the nappy probably belonged to the driver, because the drivers are “not allowed to stop for bathroom breaks.”

Unsurprisingly, Wilma’s story amassed a lot of comments from horrified customers who scrambled to find answers to the question: how did this happen?

“That’s just wrong on every level,” one person wrote on Wilma’s post.

While another person wrote: “This is what happens when people take a video of Woolworths drivers who stop along the road for taking a leek... they look for alternatives.”

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that they are looking into the situation "as a matter of urgency".

"This is a concerning claim and we’re keen to investigate it with our delivery partners," the spokesperson said.

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