Woolworths shopper shocked by LIVE spider in bread

A Woolworths shopper was horrified to find a live spider in a pack of bread from their online order.

A friend of the shocked shopper, Lee Archer, took to the Woolworths Facebook page to slam the supermarket after they delivered the loaf of bread with a spider inside the packaging.

“What will you do about this, do you not have quality control?” A live spider in the loaf of bread wasn't expected!” wrote Mr Archer, alongside a photo of the loaf of bread with a large live spider inside the plastic packaging.

Mr Archer told Yahoo News Australia that the Woolworths order was delivered from their Grafton store on Friday, August 6 to his friend Sandra Stanton in Coutts Crossing.

Live spider crawls inside package of bread.
A Woolworths shopper was horrified to find a live spider crawling insider her bread pack. Source: Facebook/ Lee Archer

Ms Stanton began unloading her groceries as per usual. However, it wasn’t until she reached in to remove the bread from its plastic packaging that she noticed the live spider.

“What the hell,” said Ms Stanton, before quickly closing the bag back up to contain the annoyed arachnid.

Woolworths responded to the Facebook post to apologise for the incident and has since offered Ms Stanton a $1.60 refund for the loaf of bread, as well as issuing her with a $15 Woolworths voucher.

Despite providing Ms Stanton a refund for the contaminated bread and a shopping voucher, Mr Archer told Yahoo News Australia that the response by Woolworths was not enough.

“[It] still doesn't help her get bread when she's 20km out of town and still sore from taking the delivery in and putting it all away,” Mr Archer said.

Woolworths shoppers wearing masks wheel trolleys of groceries out of supermarket.
A Woolworths shopper has questioned the supermarket's 'quality control' over live spider found in bread. Source: Getty Images

Woolworths say they 'take food safety very seriously'

A spokesperson for Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia that they "take food safety very seriously" and will be investigating how the incident could have happened with their supply partner.

"We’ve apologised to the customer and offered them a voucher, full refund and replacement in light of their experience," said the spokesperson.

"If ever our customers have any concerns about the quality of the product they receive, we encourage them to return it to their local store or contact our Customer Hub for a refund or replacement," they added.

Woolworths customer outraged over 'sick' state of milk fridge

A Woolworths customer has slammed the supermarket over the “revolting” state of her local store’s refrigerator.

The concerned shopper shared a 23-second video to Facebook revealing the “sick” condition of the milk fridge at the Howrah store in Tasmania.

“There is no excuse for such a revolting sick refrigerator,” she wrote in her post.

In the video, the customer pans down the store’s milk fridge, where layers of white and yellow dried milk cover the shelving and fill the drip tray – which appears to be growing mould.

woolworths shopper reveals milk spillages in store refrigerator
Woolworths shopper outraged by 'revolting' state of milk fridge. Source: Facebook.

Discarded rubbish and old price tickets can also be seen accumulating at the bottom of the supermarket fridge.

“You rip us off with sky high pricing, we would at least like to shop in a clean shop that’s not going to send us to hospital,” the customer added in her post.

This is not the first time Woolworths has copped criticism for the state of their milk fridges, as a Victorian customer recently slammed the retailer for overstocking their fridges, which led to leaks in their milk cartons.

A Woolworths spokesperson responded to the Facebook post to thank the customer for bringing the issue to their attention and to ensure them that it had been rectified.

“We work hard to uphold the highest standards of hygiene, and we’re disappointed to see this,” wrote Woolworths.

“We’ve passed this onto the store team, who immediately conducted a thorough clean of the area,” they added.

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