Woolworths truck crashes into customer's roof: 'Home delivery!'

A Woolworths delivery driver's very "bad day" has been caught on camera.

Footage circulating online shows one of the supermarket's trucks after it crashed into a home in Victoria, resulting in a delivery that's a bit "too close to home".

In a video posted on TikTok, part of the home's roof appears shattered, with debris littering the driveway.

Two photos of the Woolworths delivery truck crashed into the customers home.
A Woolworths delivery truck driver has crashed his vehicle into a customer's house, shattering the roof. Source: TikTok/mxchael11

"How do you explain this to your boss?" the clip is captioned.

"What makes it even worse is this house is literally in the street behind Woolworths," the TikToker added in the comments.

Woolies crash amuses social media users

The video has racked up almost 84K views since it was posted on Tuesday, with many viewers reacting to the incident with humour.

"Home delivery! Job done, it’s in the home," one person said.

"Hits a little too close to home," the TikToker replied.

"It was like that when I got there," another says, imitating the driver.

"Can’t park there mate hahah," a third person wrote.

Others expressed sympathy for the driver.

"Poor bugger," one person said.

"Feel sorry for the driver sounds like he’s having a bad day," someone else wrote.

"We all make mistakes," said another.

A former Woolworths worker wondered why the truck was driven into the driveway in the first place.

"When I worked for them they had a no driveway policy unless it's a rural address," they said.

Yahoo News Australia understands Woolworths became aware of the incident prior to it being circulated online and are working to resolve it with the customer.

They are also investigating the situation further.

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