Aldi finally joins Coles and Woolies in introducing shopping staple: 'Great idea'

Aldi customers have shared the first glimpse of the discount supermarket's new smaller trolleys, sparking excitement from fellow shoppers.

In June, Aldi announced the introduction of the smaller trolleys to stores across the country, which are half the size of the retailer's 212-litre trolleys.

This is welcome news for Aussies looking to do a smaller grocery shop, or those who often struggle to manoeuvre the "enormous" 1.1m trolleys around the store – such as the elderly or those pregnant.

Aldi smaller trolleys lined up outside supermarket
Aldi customers have shared the first glimpse of the supermarket's new smaller trolleys. Source: Facebook/Getty

Aldi confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that all stores are expected to receive the smaller trolleys soon.

An Aldi spokesperson previously told Yahoo News Australia that the half-sized trolleys – which are already available at Coles and Woolworths – will make shopping easier for many customers.

"We recognise that customers are looking for greater convenience when they visit our stores, as it's almost impossible not to pick up the excellent value products on offer," said the spokesperson.

"That's why we're introducing smaller trolleys across all our locations, so our customers can more efficiently pick up products while doing smaller grocery shops," an Aldi spokesperson confirmed.

Aldi shopper leaves supermarket with trolley full of groceries
The smaller Aldi trolleys are a welcome change for shoppers who have trouble managing the larger 1.1m trolleys. Source: Getty

The new trolleys come only months after Aldi introduced hand baskets to all stores in a first for Australia.

Smaller trolleys spark excitement among Aldi fans

One shopper shared the first glimpse of the smaller shopping trolleys on a popular Facebook group, sparking excitement from Aldi fans.

A second customer revealed she "finally" noticed the smaller trolleys at her local Aldi after eagerly waiting for months.

"My local has had them for a few weeks now. Great idea," wrote one shopper.

"Yay, no more giving myself a mammogram while reaching in to pull stuff out," joked another shopper.

A third assured fellow shoppers the new trolleys "roll real smooth" and were "lovely to use".

Others joked that they would no longer have to "pinch" the small trolleys from Coles and Woolies each time they shop at Aldi.

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