Woolworths 'disappointed' at delivery truck's unusual feature

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A Woolworths delivery truck has attracted the attention of an eagle-eyed motorist over a small and decidedly unusual feature on its rear. 

The vehicle was driving in Queensland on Friday when it drew the eye of a woman travelling in a car behind. 

Photos of the truck later shared online revealed the cause of the her curiosity. In place of a rear registration plate, its licence number appeared to have been drawn by hand. 

"Hi Woolworths, can you please give your truck drivers licence plates so they don’t have to draw them on with a sharpie?" she asked the supermarket on its Facebook page.

Woolworths delivery truck with no registration plate.
This truck was spotted in Queensland on Friday by an eagle-eyed woman who noticed it didn't have a licence plate. Source: Facebook

The hand-drawn registration appeared to have been written with a thin black marker, as it was only just visible in photos. 

Queensland Police confirmed the driver reported a lost number plate on the day the photo was taken.

They were however still in breach of Queensland road rules that stipulate all vehicles must have both front and rear registration plates. 

The maximum penalty for having inadequately visible plates is 40 penalty units, which in Queensland equates to a $5,338 fine. 

Failure to display two legible registration plates can incur a $1596 fine, which is equal to 12 penalty units.

A Woolworths employee responded to the woman saying they intended to raise the matter internally. 

"We'd like to address this matter to our Logistics team," they wrote in a comment.

The worker also requested the woman send more details on where she saw the truck. 

Woolworths 'disappointed' to see photos

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the matter was being investigated.

"We take road safety compliance seriously and are disappointed to see this," they said in a statement.

"We’ve raised this with our transport partners for their immediate awareness and made contact with the person who posted it to gather more detailed information to assist our investigation."

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