Aussie stuns with 'genius' viral wheelie bin hack: 'Are you kidding me?'

The tradie admitted he waited his 'whole life until he noticed this' convenient little trick. Have you tried it?

Man demonstrates wheelie bin hack, placing one bid lid inside the other bin, and then closing down the second lid.
Why wheel back two bins when you can do just one? Source: TikTok/@kylehume7

A savvy Aussie homeowner has stunned social media after sharing a viral wheelie bin hack that solves a common problem faced by many of us after bin night.

Trying to wheel two bins back down your driveway from the kerb is a source of frustration for many people, but Aussie TikToker Kyle Hume has shared a "mind-blowing" hack which offers an alternative way to bring the bins back.

In the video, the tradie demonstrates how to easily join two bins together to wheel them with one hand.

“I’ve been wheeling two bins my whole life until I noticed this,” he captioned the clip.

TikToker wheels two bins at once.
Using a rubbish bin and a green waste bin, the TikToker showed how easy the hack was. Source: TikTok/@kylehume7

Lining the two bins up in front of each other, he opens the back bin lid first before opening the front bin lid and placing it onto the open back bin. He then closes the back bin lid on top of the front bin lid and simply tips the back bin up to wheel it.

The second bin gets lifted off the ground along with the first, making it fairly easy to manoeuvre both bins with one hand.

The “ingenious” hack has been going viral ever since it was shared on TikTok by creators in the US and Canada recently and one of the videos — posted by creator Cade Grier — has since racked up more than 16.4 million views.

While the earlier videos demonstrate the same concept, the bins in the US and Canada are quite different from Australian bins.

Grier's video sparked a flurry of comments from hundreds of people worldwide, including Aussies, totally dumbfounded by the idea and wondering whether it would work on different types of wheelie bins.

"What?? Are you freaking kidding me?" one person wrote. "We’re so behind in Australia,” said another.

"Wait what? What just happened? How did you do this?" questioned another.

US man wheels two bins at once.
The viral hack is being tried and tested all over the world, with the trick seemingly working on different sized bins. Source: TikTok/@cadegrier

One person confirmed the hack did indeed work on Aussie bins too, with another adding an extra tip to ensure it works properly.

"The lid of the bin that’s being towed should be pushed inside of the other, the plastic bends fine and if it does deform a day in the sun puts it right back," one person confirmed.

But while many thought it was a handy hack, others weren't quite so convinced.

"It’s easier to just do them side by side behind you," one person said, while another added: "I just push one forward and pull the other or just pull both at once."

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