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Woolworths customers confused over popular service: 'What's the norm?'

Woolworths shoppers are fiercely divided on a key detail of the giant’s popular ‘Direct to Boot’ service.

It comes after one frustrated shopper lashed out online when Woolies workers failed to fill the bags she left for them.

Instead, she found her groceries strewn across the boot of her car.

Groceries laid across bags in a car boot. Source: Facebook/Chantelle Hall
A Woolworths customer has vented her frustration at how her groceries were packed in her car while using the 'Direct to Boot' service. Source: Facebook/Chantelle Hall

“Direct to boot is a fantastic service at your Kirrawee store, however when selecting BYO bags you would expect the items to be placed in the actual bags instead of all over the boot of the car on top of the bags that have been laid out to be filled,” Chantelle Hall wrote on Woolworths’ Facebook page.

Another customer also questioned the service in a recent TikTok video when workers didn’t even bother placing her groceries in the boot of her car.

“Woolworths grocery haul, direct to boot. What is the norm for this service? Do they put the items in your boot? Or are you supposed to?,” the woman captioned the clip.

Two screenshots of a TikTok video about Woolworths' 'Direct to Boot' service. Source: TikTok/angeli.yuson
A second customer was confused when staff didn't even bother packing her groceries into her boot while using the service. Source: TikTok/angeli.yuson

One shopper responded to the Facebook post saying she always packs her own bags.

“I've never seen or heard of WWs packing your groceries if you bring your own bags,” she wrote.

While another argued it “shouldn’t be that hard” for the workers to place her groceries in her bags.

“My sister gets direct to boot near Thirroul and they put it in her bags for her,” they commented.

The debate raged on in the comments of the TikTok video.

“ Ours puts it in our boot, you just rock up say you’re there on the app and open the boot,” one woman wrote.

Another TikTok user added they don’t put groceries in your boot.

A fellow Woolies worker also chimed in, commenting they always ask if customers need help packing their groceries into their car boot.

“Very rarely people want help,” they said.

A second Woolies worker agreed they are supposed to ask the customer what they want.

"If you don’t come out, I’ll just say hello and pop it in," they wrote.

Woolworths responds

In a statement to Yahoo News, a spokesperson for Woolworths confirmed that customers can expect their orders to be packed into their own bags when using the ‘Direct to Boot’ service.

“We've shared the customer's feedback onto the relevant store team so it can be followed up operationally,” the statement read.

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