Furious Woolworths customer divides opinion over delivery complaint: 'OK male Karen'

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An enraged Woolworths customer is dividing opinion over his complaint about a grocery delivery being left on his lawn instead of "up the stairs" as requested.

The man, who goes by @KingAds1972 on TikTok, went on an expletive-filled rant in a video that has been viewed over 13,000 times since it was posted two days ago.

"Look where Woolies left the f***ing food, the dirty dogs. Look at these people – couldn't take it up the f***ing stairs," he rants in the clip. "They always get told to take it up the stairs, they always leave it down here, and now these dirty f***ing dogs just left the food sitting on the f***ing grass."

Stills from TikTok video showing Woolworths bags delivered on front lawn
A TikToker's colorful rant over a Woolworths delivery has divided viewers, as some sympathise with him and others slam him for being "lazy". Credit: TikTok/@kingads_1972

The man pans the camera around his front lawn, where a woman who appears to be his wife, is seen standing quietly amid the bags of groceries.

"What a f***ing grub, mate... I wish I ran out here before he left," the Woolies customer continues before aiming more expletives at the delivery driver. "Look what he did, just left it sitting in the f***ing middle of the front lawn."

"That's terrible," one viewer sympathised. "My mum's 75. They did the same. Two storey house. They told my mum not their job to take up."

"Ring their refund number and refund it all... it's easy mate," another man suggested, prompting the author to reveal he did complain to Woolworths, who provided his wife with $40 in credit, but he had to ring them again after the funds didn't pop up on her Woolies profile.

Woolies shopper slammed as male 'Karen'

Many viewers however dismissed the man's complaint as a "first world problem", calling him lazy and a male "Karen", a term coined to describe entitled and demanding white women.

"I work my butt off and I don't do 95 per cent of a job. I do it properly for my customers bro," the author replied in response to one of the "lazy" comments.

"How about you go and shop personally," one viewer suggested.

"I do. It's my wife. And she's allowed to get delivery. She pays for it. She looks after four boys. One with autism One with ADHD. She's flat out with OT (occupational therapy)," the author explained in response.

"What's the difference between the grass 10 steps away from your door mate, it's gonna be on the floor anyway," someone else commented.

"OK male Karen," another person wrote, to which the man replied, "You mean a Darren. No. It's not wanting to get ripped off."

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