Woolworths shoppers baffled by 'odd' pork chop detail

A new pork product from Woolworths has left some Aussie shoppers scratching their heads, as they question the meaning behind the name.

A customer shared a photo of the Woolworths Moisture Infused Pork Chops to a popular Facebook group after they were made exclusively available to the supermarket's Bunch club members.

While dozens of shoppers shared the woman's excitement over trying the new pork chops, others couldn't help but wonder what Woolies meant by "moisture infused" in the product name.

Woolworths moisture infused pork chops
Dozens of Woolworths shoppers wondered what was meant by 'moisture infused' pork chops. Source: Facebook/Getty

"Moisture infused?? Have they pumped water into the chops?" asked one shopper.

"That struck me as odd as well," a second shopper responded.

Shoppers speculate meaning of 'moisture infused' pork

Others speculated that it simply meant that the supermarket had injected the pork chops with water to increase the weight and charge customers more.

"Love the description 'moisture infused'. What they really mean is that they've added water so (if you buy them) you're paying more for the water," suggested one woman.

Woolworths shoppers leave supermarket with plastic bags
Shoppers speculated whether Woolies had injected the pork chops with water to increase the weigh. Source: AAP

"Moisture infused – is that the same as 'pumped full of water to make it heavier and having you pay $20 a kilo for that water?'" chimed a second.

Others compared the pork chops to the retailer's mince, claiming that when you cook them "you get heaps of water out of them".

Real reason behind 'moisture infused' name revealed

It turns out "moisture infused" actually means that the pork chops are infused with brine, a saline solution, to stop them drying out when cooking.

According to the Australian Pork Butchers website, moisture infused pork is a "type of pork that has been infused with a solution of water and salts".

"This has been done to help the pork stay moist, juicy and tender after cooking and improve eating quality," the website says.

Woolworths has also confirmed that the pork is infused with brine so there's less risk of home cooks ending up with dry chops.

In a statement to 7Life, Woolies said the product had been developed in consultation with industry body Australian Pork Limited (APL), and customers can still buy traditional pork chops from the supermarket.

How much salt is in infused pork?

Despite infusing the pork with salts, the sodium content in infused pork makes it a "moderate sodium" food, which is comparable to many items.

In fact, the sodium level of 2kg of infused pork is still less than a normal packet of salted chips.

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