Woolworths shopper praises staff after medical episode in store: 'I was struggling'

Woolworths staff have been praised by a Melbourne shopper who fell ill while picking up his groceries.

Tim expressed his gratitude in a video shared on Twitter on Saturday and explained he was experiencing a medical episode when a quick-thinking duty manager stepped in.

Not only did they attend to him, but to his surprise the supermarket staff also paid for his groceries.

The Melbourne man Tim thanks Woolworths in Twitter video.
Tim suffered a medical episode while shopping in Woolworths but staff stepped in to help. Source: Twitter

"It was so kind of them to do that," Tim said, adding "I just wanted to put out a nice, kind word to the people here at Woolworths."

Tim said he was "recovering from a low blood sugar attack" when the duty manager, named Troy, "noticed [he] was struggling."

"He came to me with a can of Coke. He came up to check as to how I was," the Woolies shopper said.

"It was so kind of him to reach out. I was still struggling, he got me another can of Coke.

"And to just show how awesome they were, they paid for my groceries."

Blown away by the store's generosity, Tim said it had "restored [his] faith in humanity."

"They even threw in the bags," he explained, which typically cost 15c a piece.

"It was just so kind. So thank you Woolworths in general," he continued in his praise.

"You probably cop a bit of flak, but this is absolutely awesome," he said. "I’ll honestly keep shopping with Woolies forever."

Woolworths responds to customer

Woolworths saw the video online and responded to Tim's kind words.

"We're so happy to hear how our Watergardens team have been able to assist you, here at Woolies we care deeply for our customers," the supermarket tweeted.

"We appreciate your kind words for our team, rest assured we've passed this on to our Watergardens Store Management team for their awareness and acknowledgment throughout the team.

"We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, please let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend."

Woolworths store front
The man was at the Watergardens store in Melbourne when staff noticed he was struggling. Source: Getty

Twitter users were quick to join in, applauding staff for their actions.

"Hope you feel better soon. Well done to those who helped," one person commented. "Human kindness can be in short supply and this is awesome."

"Good on them," another said.

"That was so nice of them," a third wrote.

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