Aldi customer shocked by kind act at checkout: ‘It’s too much’

A shocked Aldi customer has taken to social media to describe a heartwarming act of kindness she experienced in her store’s checkout line.

The Victorian woman, who was shopping at Aldi’s Marriott Waters store, posted about her experience on the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page, which has 184,900 members.

“I had a massive shop to do today and my main debit card had been declining,” she said.

“Two guys lined up behind me with barely anything and I did what I always do: ‘you guys go ahead, you don’t have many groceries’.”

Two people in a car park walking towards an Aldi store. Source: Getty Images
The woman said her trolley was full before the kind act. Source: Getty Images

The woman said that when it was her turn at the checkout, she was told that the men she allowed ahead of her had done something spectacular.

“The checkout lady says to me: ‘that man in the red jumper gave me $50 to put towards your groceries’,” she wrote.

“I was in complete shock, I could barely move, it was too much!”

The woman said she intended to pay the man back, but was unable to find him.

“By the time I had processed what had happened, he had already left,” she said.

“Thank you so much to that kind-hearted human being, the world needs more people like you - I will certainly pay it forward!”

Facebook users react to ‘incredibly awesome’ act

The woman’s post, which has over 3,000 interactions from group members, has attracted several heartwarming comments.

“I love hearing about acts of kindness, this is so incredibly awesome,” said one person.

“We need to hear more of these stories at the moment, there are so many positive people out there,” commented a second.

“This restores my face in humanity!” wrote a third.

Other people in the comments section have referred the woman’s post to another Facebook group called "The Kindness Pandemic", which aims to tell positive stories to combat the stresses of Covid-19.

“There is some good in the world, especially in this climate,” one person wrote.

Some people have also taken to the comments section to share their own experiences with "paying it forward".

Woman standing with Aldi trolley. Source: Getty Images
The original poster has been active in the comments section, speaking to other group members about their own 'pay it forward' experiences. Source: Getty Images

“Back when there were limits on milk I used some of my limit to get milk for a mum with a huge family - seeing her smile was amazing,” said one person.

“Once I paid for an elderly couple’s groceries after their card declined, it made me feel great,” commented another.

“I always let people in front of me if they only have a couple of items, it makes someone smile and it’s free,” wrote a third.

Supermarket acts of kindness have been on the rise lately, with major supermarket customers reporting that they have received free gifts and kind notes from staff.

Hands charging with credit card reader. Source: Getty Images
A vast majority of the post's comments are from people sharing their own heartwarming stories about strangers paying for their goods. Source: Getty Images

‘Acts of kindness’ stories dominate comments section

Aldi Mums group members have taken to the comments section of the woman’s initial act of kindness post, to share their own experiences with "pay it forward" moments.

“We were at the bakery getting a gingerbread man for my toddler and the assistant told me it was our lucky day and the lady before us had paid for our order,” said one person.

“This man who looked like a bikie paid for my mother’s groceries one time - there are some kind people around and they are rare and special,” commented another.

A third person wrote about a touching experience that their granddaughter experienced during a party.

“My granddaughter was out with friends celebrating her 16th, and a woman asked her in the bathroom what the celebration was for,” they said.

“She told her it was her 16th and the woman said happy birthday.

“When the kids went to pay they learned that the woman had paid their entire bill”

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