WATCH: Kangaroo weaves through traffic on suburban street

Extraordinary video has emerged of a rogue kangaroo weaving its way through traffic in front of stunned drivers.

The marsupial was spotted on Monday morning hopping along Daws Road in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, before it turned right and appeared to negotiate traffic effortlessly.

“They’ve been doing it for a while, but it’s becoming more obvious,” kangaroo expert Sue Barandgret told 7News.

“I think, you know, they’re looking for food, they’re looking for water.”

The marsupial was spotted on Monday morning in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. Source: 7News
While the animal may have stunned some drivers, experts say it is quite a concern. Source: 7News

While it might have been an amusing sight for some drivers, experts say it is actually quite concerning.

“They move around at night and they’ll go down these corridors of creeks et cetera, and then get caught out in daylight, and they’re spooked, they’re scared,” Ms Barandgret said.

Footage has emerged of the animal navigating Adelaide roads on Monday. Source: 7news

It’s not the first time the marsupials have shown up in residential areas and as summer approaches experts say they are expecting more kangaroos to make the pilgrimage to the suburbs.

Ms Barandgret said the marsupials should not be in urban areas.

“While it is amusing and funny, it can be very sad,” she said. “They come out and they get hit.”