'I'd run the other way': Man makes terrifying discovery washed up on beach

Three brothers out for their morning dive have made a monstrous discovery – before they even set foot in the water.

Matthew, Jack and Daniel Aplin are no strangers to seeing some spectacular sights but what they found on a Wellington beach had them lost for words.

Driving along a track near Red Rocks on the city’s south coast, the brothers pulled over to take a closer look at the enormous 4.2 metre squid.

“My brother said ‘what’s that over there?’ and pointed it out. It was right next to the track so we pulled over and we were like: ‘It’s a big squid!’” Daniel Aplin told NewstalkZB.

The Aplin brothers were about to go for their morning dive when they made the discovery. Source: Facebook/Ocean Hunters

“It was pretty clean, nothing major on it. There was a scratch on the top of its head but smaller than a lighter, tiny, wouldn’t think that’s what killed it,” one of the brothers said.

After whipping out the tape measure, the boys called the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, who arranged to collect the beached cephalopod.

Social media users were left both stunned and terrified by the monstrous find.

“People worry about sharks. Bugger seeing that in the water,” one man wrote.

After a few quick snaps, the boys whipped out a tape measure. Source: Facebook/Ocean Hunters

“This is why we don’t belong in the sea,” another said.

“Stunning… Looks like an amazing specimen. How lucky are we to have these huge sea dwellers around our shores lately,” one amazed viewer commented.

“That’s a whole heap of calamari,” another suggested.