WATCH: Fearless grandma, 81, wrangles two pythons from barbecue

A fearless 81-year-old grandmother has been filmed pulling two pythons out of a barbecue in a Brisbane backyard.

On Sunday morning Faye Morgan was called to help family members at Karana Downs who had seen one snake slip into the barbecue the day earlier.

In the footage, obtained by 7 News, the elderly woman lifts up the lid before reaching in to grab the unwelcome visitors.

The grandmother, who has spent her whole life on a farm, was not afraid to reach in and remove the snakes. Source: 7News

Ms Morgan grabs the first python near the head and tail, and yanks it out.

Both she and homeowner Marc Wright do a double take as they had not realised there was another snake seeking refuge in the barbecue until then.

She pops the first python into a plastic container before reaching back in to wrangle the second snake.

Ms Morgan has spent her whole life on a farm and is no stranger to the slithering serpents.

“I’m not scared, I love it,” the 81-year-old told 7News. 

It wasn’t until the first snake was out that they realised there was another one under the lid also seeking refuge. Source: 7News

This duo have been relocated.

“I say goodbye to them, and say ‘hope you have a lovely life’ when I relocate them,” Ms Morgan said.

In fact the grandmother had pulled a python from the same spot 18 months before – so they knew she was up for the challenge.

And as she has moved a few over the years, she knows what she’s doing.

“I don’t recommend that anyone should do what I do,” Ms Morgan said.

Stuart McKenzie, from The Snake Catcher 24/7 Sunshine Coast, warned the public to refrain from catching snakes by themselves.

On the weekend he posted about an injured python which died.

“The main message is just don’t do it,” he said on Sunday.

Mr McKenzie recommends those who come across unwanted visitors call a professional snake catcher and said leave it alone and hopefully it will move away on its own.

He added, “If it’s in a backyard, take your pets and kids away, and always maintain a safe distance from the snake.”