'Bulls**t': Woman convinced million-dollar Lotto win is a prank

A Victorian woman called “bull***t” when her grandfather rang to say they’d won a million-dollar Lotto draw.

The Lilydale man, known for his practical jokes, had trouble convincing his granddaughter they’d picked up the prize.

“We were on holiday in Queensland as a family and I received a phone call from him,” she said.

“He told me that our Monday & Wednesday Lotto ticket had won division one.

“He likes to make practical jokes all the time, so I thought it was a joke! I said to him, ‘that’s BS’!”

After looking up the winning numbers on The Lott website for herself, she discovered that they all matched.

“That’s when I realised it wasn’t a joke. It’s true!” she exclaimed.

“I can’t believe we won division one. I’m still shocked.”

A lotto ticket and people in the background
The grandfather and granddaughter duo picked up a million dollar division one prize. Source: The Lott

The woman added that her 'pop' didn’t even know they’d won until he popped into their local newsagency to get his ticket checked.

“The team member told him that he scored division one. He said to her, ‘you’re lying!” she laughed.

The owner of Lilydale Village Lotto and News, Dhaval Shah, said the grandfather “was very excited".

“He couldn’t believe the winning news and I had to take him aside to really convince him!”

Mr Shah says he wishes the pair all the best with their prize.

“We’ve very excited for the winners, and we’re so happy the division one winning entry went to a regular customer who has always supported us!”

Winning dreams

When it came down to how their winnings would be spent, the granddaughter wanted to give back to her granddad.

“I know my pop’s house really needs a lot of work so I’ll look at helping him out with my share of the prize,” she said.

“I’d like to also help set up my mum so I know she’s looked after for years to come.”

A lotto ticket being held up in front of a house
The granddaughter said she wanted to help her 'pop' out with his house with her half of the winnings. Source: The Lott

An agonising wait for a millionaire

The grandfather and granddaughter's winning ticket was unregistered which meant officials at The Lott had to wait for the ticket holder to come forward to claim their prize.

Their division one winning entry was one of three in the Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4203 on July 27th.

There was another in Victoria and one in NSW.

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