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Lotto's luckiest winners in Australia – who are they?

Matt Hart from The Lott revealed who he thinks the luckiest lottery winners in Australia are. Find out why.

Video transcript

MATT HART: The luckiest winner. I have come across a few people, a very select few people who have won Division 1 twice in their life, which seems quite extraordinary for those of us who are just trying to win it once. I'll always remember, there's a Victorian couple, and they won Set for Life twice in the one draw.

So this was a lady who, for their wedding anniversary, bought two identical Set for Life tickets, and she had one and she gave one to her husband for their anniversary, and they both won $4.8 million in the same draw on the same day. So I'm not sure what you do in other anniversaries to try and match that, but essentially they receive $20,000 a month for 20 years, both of them. So I think that's pretty extraordinary.