Family found walking naked down street 'getting ready for the end'

A family of three who were found walking naked along a highway had sold their furniture, gave away their money, and burned down their house, before they fled their home and assaulted two police officers.

Neighbours of the family, from a small Texas town of Southmayd, north of Dallas, told of how the parents and 13-year-old daughter talked about the “end times” and the “wrath of God” as they walked away from their burning home, naked.

Police who were called to the scene found Michael James Ouellette, 48, and his wife Shannon Lee Ouellette, 43, walking down the street with their 13-year-old daughter – all three in the nude.

Two officers were allegedly assaulted while trying to arrest Mr Ouellette, and the trio got away, but were apprehended 30 minutes later amid another fight.

Texas police officers found Michael James Ouellette, 48, and his wife Shannon Lee Ouellette, 43, walking down the street with their 13-year-old daughter – all three were naked. Source: Grayson County Sheriff’s Office

“They were not acting as a normal person would act,” Captain Sarah Bigham, of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, told the Herald Democrat.

Capt Bigham said neighbours were evacuated while fire crews fought the flames and identified potentially dangerous materials may have been inside.

Neighbors told KXII TV news the Ouellettes had sold all their furniture, and were seen giving away $100 notes to strangers at a nearby park hours before they were arrested.

“It was definitely a breaking point for them,” said Joshua Meek, who lives next door to the family.

He added that they appeared to be “getting ready for the end”.

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy things and that hit the top three list,” he said.

Police are investigating what led to the bizarre incident. The teenage girl was admitted to hospital, but has since been released after testing negative for drug use.

Mr and Mrs Ouellette were arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer, evading arrest and endangering a child.