Can you spot the problem with this driver’s licence plates?

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Eagle-eyed police have pulled over a driver after noticing an issue with their licence plates.

The driver was pulled over last month by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Leduc, Canada.

Officers had noticed the licence plate was “tinted” and used a camera to check its registration.

“Police data bank checks told the officer that the plate was non-existent,” police wrote on Facebook.

“The officer spoke to the driver who immediately admitted to not having registration or insurance and that the plate was actually a piece of paper.

“Using a made up number, the driver had printed the image on a piece of paper at home that was then placed onto an ‘I (Heart) My Car’ vanity plate and hidden behind the tinted cover.”

A car is pictured with fake licence plates.
This driver was found to be using fake licence plates and didn't have insurance. Source: Facebook/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The driver’s fake plates saw them issued A$2100 and they were issued a mandatory court appearance notice for not having insurance.

If convicted, the driver could be fined more than $2900.

Viewers in awe of fake licence plates

On Facebook, people were both amused and shocked by the driver’s antics.

“Oh my lord,” one woman wrote.

One man labelled the effort put into the plate as “astounding” and another woman called it “hilarious”.

Fake licence plates printed on paper are pictured.
The plates were actually printed on paper. Source: Facebook/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Another man joked “creativity shouldn’t be punished”.

“Probably still cheaper than insurance,” another man wrote.

A Kentucky man was also pulled over in September for using fake licence plates.

The man was pulled over in Millersburg in the US state of Ohio on September 2.

“Something just didn’t seem right about this particular licence plate,” a Millersburg Police wrote in a statement on Facebook.

It turns out the man’s number plate had been completely drawn on and was fake.

“After further investigation it was determined that the driver of the vehicle had no insurance and was driving on a suspended licence,” police said.

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