‘Idiot’ driver slammed for disgraceful act during emergency

A driver has been called an “idiot” for driving in front of a fire engine trying to get to an emergency.

Dashcam video from the fire truck uploaded to Reddit shows a busy road in Johor, Malaysia.

The truck is responding to an incident with lights and sirens and drives up behind three lanes of cars stopped at an intersection.

At first, none of the cars move at all to make way for the truck and the driver has to use the horn.

A car is pictured blocking a fire truck from moving through traffic in Malaysia
People are furious with the driver of the black car for moving up the middle of traffic which was giving way to a fire truck. Source: Reddit/ leon_reynauld

The drivers then respond and split to allow the truck through.

But one black car uses the moving traffic as an opportunity to cut through, much to the dismay of those in the truck.

When the black car blocks the truck from travelling through an intersection, the fire engine sounds its horn again - repeatedly urging the car to move so it can respond to an emergency.

But the driver doesn’t listen and instead waves their arm in the air. Eventually the traffic moves and both vehicles move through the intersection.

'Make my blood boil'

Viewers on Reddit were less than impressed with the antics of the “idiot” driver in the black car.

“Not many things make my blood boil but this is one of them,” one user wrote.

Another asked: “Where’s a cop when you need one?”

“Anyone that blocks an emergency vehicle should immediately lose their licence,” another wrote.

In NSW, failing to give way or blocking the path of a police or emergency vehicle is a $464 fine and three demerit points.

It is also a three demerit point offence in Queensland but carries a $311 fine.

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