Lamborghini worth $530K seized for 'disgraceful' reason

The owner of a $530,000 Lamborghini has been left red-faced after police impounded his car for failing to pay his road tax.

The Lamborghini Aventador had his car seized by police in Newport, on England’s Isle of Wight, over the weekend.

Police said “the tax had expired in August 2020”.

The UK has similar laws to other countries when it comes to vehicle registration and tax which is known as Vehicle Excise Duty.

A Lamborghini Aventador pictured on a flatbed truck.
The owner of this Lamborghini Aventador had his car impounded for failing to pay his road tax. Source: Isle of Wight Police

Vehicles which produce more carbon dioxide are taxed heavier with the most expensive costing $3600 in the first year.

Every subsequent year it’s about $270 unless the car is valued at more than $71,000 in which case owners have to pay an extra $580.

In this case, the Lamborghini owner probably owed about $850, which might seem costly but pales in comparison to the value of the car itself.

Police said the Aventador is worth $530,000. Some 2018 models of the car are listed on Car for more than $780,000.

It is not clear what year the driver’s model is though.

Lamborghini owner's 'expensive mistake'

On Facebook, people were not exactly sympathetic to the plight of the supercar’s owner.

“Paying no taxes whatsoever, saves enough cash to buy Lamborghinis,” one man wrote.

One woman called it an “expensive mistake”.

A Lamborghini Aventador is pictured.
As expected people were not exactly sympathetic towards the owner of the $530,000 car. Source: Isle of Wight Police

“If they can afford the car they can afford the tax, stay off the road until you can,” another woman wrote.

“Good job the police are alert to this disgraceful behaviour, grow up, you don’t impress anyone.”

However, others were more empathetic admitting they have sometimes forgotten to pay their rego.

“I'm sure hundreds of people genuinely forget tax,” one man wrote.

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