Lamborghini spotted in Bunnings carpark sparks hilarious debate

A photo of an $800,000 Lamborghini parked outside a Bunnings in Queensland has sparked a number of questions, with people wondering whether it belongs to a particularly wealthy tradie.

The Tradie Daily page posted a photo on Facebook of a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster parked outside the hardware store posing the question: "Sparky or plumber?"

Two of the Lamborghinis are currently listed on for about $790,000.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster pictured outside a Bunnings Warehouse.
A Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster parked outside a Bunnings. Source: Facebook/ Tradie Daily

As for what the supercar was doing parked outside a Bunnings, that’s anyone’s guess, but many people speculated about who it could belong to.

“Definitely a plumber’s,” one man wrote.

Another man jokingly suggested it had to be a plumber because a “sparky” or electrician “would have a ladder on the roof”.

“Definitely a builder that can't understand why his business is going under,” another man wrote.

People online joke about who wouldn't be driving flash car

Another man added: “we know it won’t be a mechanic” and another suggested it probably isn't owned by the people who run the famous Bunnings sausage sizzles every weekend.

“Won't be a welder that's for sure,” another man wrote.

According to, many trades bring in six figure salaries annually.

Plumbers can earn $110,000 while concreters, builders and carpenters can also earn more than $100,000.

However, even then labourers would want to have deep pockets as a major annual service for a Lamborghini Aventador costs more than $8000, according to UK-based Lamborghini dealership HR Owen.

‘Unreal’: Bunnings car park fail explodes online

It isn't the first time something in a Bunnings car park drew laughs from people online.

The driver of a hatchback recently sparked a lot of amusement after they were spotted leaving a WA Bunnings with a large pole in a particularly ambitious position.

Toyota Yaris pictured with a large pole sticking out of its boot and window.
This driver had a massive pole sticking out both sides of their Toyota Yaris. Source: Coast Live via Diana Hoare

Many joked about ways they thought the pole could come in handy for its new owner.

“Wow a jousting competition in the car park!! What people do for distanced entertainment?” one wrote in a comment.

“Obviously needed a new toilet roll holder after raiding the shops,” another said, referring to scenes of panic buying in WA due to a recent Covid lockdown.

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