'Hope you catch them': Disturbing find in children's Halloween lollies

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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Parents have been urged to check the lollies brought home by their children over Halloween weekend after some packets were found with harmful items inside.

Police in the US have issued a disturbing warning following reports sewing needles had been found inside packs of strawberry liquorice.

Among a haul of lollies collected by a child in Rhode Island, a total of three needles were found.

Two needles were discovered in one pack of Twizzlers, and one another was found in a second pack.

Kids grabbing from a lolly basket after needles were found in Halloween treats.
Police warned parents to check the lollies collected by their kids after a needle scare. Source: Getty Images

“We are asking parents to check their children’s Halloween candy vigilantly,” local police wrote in a Facebook post.

“We received one report from a family who stated that they received Twizzlers with needles in them while in the Bernon district. We are investigating.”

One person responded claiming that needles had also been found in Halloween lollies collected in the state of Massachusetts.

“Like really, 2020 isn’t bad enough for the kids. Idiots, hope they are found,” they wrote in their comment.

Packs of Twizzlers with sewing needles inside them.
These packs of Twizzlers were found to be contaminated with a total of three needles. Source: Woonsocket Police Department

Other Facebook users were fast to express their horror, labelling the disturbing act “terrible”.

“I hope you find them. And thankfully the parents checked the candy before the child bit into it,” one person wrote.

“I just don’t get people. These are our kids. Why do people do stuff like this to harm them? Hope the people responsible are found and get what they deserve,” another wrote.

There are fresh concerns for another wave of needles in Australian fruit after a Cairns Coles shopper last week claimed to find a pin in a punnet of strawberries.

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