Terrifying cause for engine light to ignite in Mustang

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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When a Mustang’s engine light came on, the last thing its driver expected was to find a gigantic reptilian beast under the bonnet.

The driver called in professional help after popping open their blue vehicle’s hood on October 30 to find its engine being swamped by a massive Burmese python.

An officer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in the US was called to the home in Dania Beach to help retrieve it.

Burmese pythons inside a blue Mustang's bonnet in Florida.
The python caused the car's engine light to flash on. Source: Twitter/MyFWC

In video taken by Maor Blumenfel, the officer and an onlooker were shown in a nail-biting wrestle with the girthy animal, which seemed notably unhappy about being uprooted from the warmth of the car.

The three-metre-long snake was eventually pulled away from the vehicle and placed on the ground, where the officer and bystander continued their struggle to contain it.

It was ultimately placed into a bag so it could be safely removed and relocated.

“This is a success for native wildlife since pythons prey on native birds, mammals and reptiles,” the wildlife organisation shared in a post of the video to Facebook.

“Thanks to the citizen who reported the python to us. We rely on reports from the public to help us quickly respond and remove these species.”

Spokesperson for the organisation Carli Segelson told CNN the snake was now in captivity and would be used as an education tool.

Burmese pythons, an unprotected species, were introduced to Florida and are widely considered a nuisance due to the threat they post to birds, mammals and alligators.

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