'You're in a pickle': Woman calls police after massive snake coils around her

A southeast Queensland woman who rescued a carpet python from her cat in her garage needed to be rescued herself when the snake constricted itself around her leg.

The woman had called the police and two bemused officers turned up at her Samford Valley home to help extricate the python, which was between two and three metres long.

Officers from Ferny Grove police station were called to a residence at Samford Valley after a woman became entangled with a 2-3 metre carpet python.
Officers from Ferny Grove police station were called to help the woman who became entangled with a python. Source: Queensland Police

"You're in a bit of a pickle. Are you feeling OK, first of all?" one officer asked.

If she responded, it was inaudible when recorded by the officers' body-worn cameras but she seemed unfazed.

Queensland police said in a statement on Friday the woman was working in her garage when she noticed her cat had the snake cornered under a car just after 7pm on October 6.

Being a snake owner herself, she rescued the wild reptile but it then quickly coiled around her right leg and constricted.

One officer soon uncoiled the python, saying, "Come on little guy I know you'd love to be with me".

Once the snake was untangled, the brave woman picked it up with both hands, said "thank you very much" to the officers and carried it across her drive to gently restore it to the "wild" of her garden.

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