Aussie KFC customer's 'disgusting' find in takeaway chips

Chicken salt on hot chips is an Aussie favourite and KFC has led the way in popularising the snack.

But last weekend one KFC customer in Western Australia was shocked to discover something else had been added to his chips.

Unlike other disgusting finds in fast food items, this one didn't involve produce that had gone off or even an unwelcome creepy crawly.

KFC chips with a used glove at the bottom; Uneaten chips and glove
The KFC customer was shocked to find something extra at the bottom of his chips. Source: Facebook

It appears a staff member at the restaurant in question had discarded a rubber glove in the man's order.

"Might want to avoid KFC for a bit. Dirty used gloves found in box of chips," the upset customer shared on his local Facebook group. "Was at Kwinana KFC, late night grub run at around 11pm."

KFC find slammed: 'Disgusting'

Fellow members of the group were appalled at the find.

"Ewwww this is disgusting," one person wrote, while another shared that they had also found the Kwinana store less than hygienic.

"I got KFC from there a couple of weeks ago. Pulled up to the pick-up window and what I saw in the kitchen was a floor covered in chicken and chips and used gloves. Absolutely disgusting. Won't be returning," he commented.

Some Facebook users tried to understand what may have happened to result in the huge mistake.

"Looks like someone picked up the wrong bag," one commented.

"Omg... someone must have ditched theirs in there and next worker didn't notice and loaded the box up," another added.

KFC restaurant at night
The WA man had bought the chips as a late night snack. Source: Reuters

"Yeah, this is not right. But hey we're all human right? We all make mistakes/rush things. Doesn't necessarily mean the restaurant as a whole is unhygienic," a third person wrote, giving the branch the benefit of the doubt.

Secret recipe?

Others saw humour in the situation.

"That's just the 12th secret ingredient, right?" one person wrote.

Others disagreed with the customer, saying that rather than avoiding the restaurant his find may signal it's a good time to go.

"Well now you know they use fresh gloves," someone commented.

Complaint under investigation

The customer later provided an update, saying that KFC had contacted him within five minutes of his Facebook post, and the health department of his local council had also been in touch.

"The City has received the complaint regarding KFC Kwinana and is investigating," a spokesperson for the City of Kwinana Council told Yahoo News Australia.

KFC has also been contacted for comment.

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