McDonald's customer makes 'unspeakably revolting' discovery in Uber Eats delivery

A McDonald's customer has skewered his local restaurant chain after receiving a Happy Meal with a "free live toy" in his Uber Eats delivery.

The disappointed shopper had ordered the Happy Meal for his daughter from Hurstville McDonald’s via Uber Eats on Wednesday April 13.

However, when he received his order from the Uber Eats delivery driver half an hour late, he discovered an unwelcome guest inside his daughter’s Happy Meal box.

Live cockroach inside McDonald's Happy Meal
The disappointed Macca's customer shared three photos of the live cockroach inside the McDonald's Happy Meal. Source: Reddit

"Straya — where you get a free live toy with every Happy Meal, delivered by Uber Eats to the wrong address," wrote the disgruntled Macca’s customer in a Reddit post.

In accompanying photos, you can see a live cockroach crawling over the fries inside the McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

The Sydney customer captioned the photo: "This little guy enjoyed his Happy Meal. My daughter, not so much".

"I'm Australian and should be used to them I guess, but give me snakes, spiders and rats over cockroaches any day. Those things are unspeakably revolting," he later added in a comment.

McDonald's to investigate incident with delivery partners

A McDonald's spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that the fast food giant takes food and drink safety "extremely seriously" and they were "disappointed" to hear of the customer's experience.

"Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures to ensure our food and our restaurants remain safe for our staff and customers," said the spokesperson.

"We will look into this incident with our delivery partners, as part of our commitment to ongoing service improvements."

'I would've died': Others share horror at live cockroach in McDonald's meal

Unsurprisingly, the stomach-churning image captured the attention of hundreds of people on Reddit who shared their horror at the live cockroach Happy Meal "toy".

"I would've died. The sight of those – especially if one's inside my house just instills absolute disgust and anxiety in me," wrote one commentator on Reddit.

"If that was me, I would never ever order from that Macca's again!" commented a second.

McDonald's staff member hands over delivery bag at drive-thru
Reddit users posed various theories as to how the cockroach got inside the McDonald's meal. Source: Getty Images

While another seized the chance to reference '90s band Papa Roach with a playful comment.

"That's papa roach. He's part of the Happy Meal toy line... it's his last resort!” the Redditor wrote.

Others joked that with food prices the way they are, the Macca's customer "should be grateful for the protein" provided by the insect.

How did the cockroach get inside the McDonald's bag?

Several Reddit users offered their own theories as to where the cockroach came from, including the Uber Eats delivery bag and the driver's vehicle.

"The driver's car must [have] been a dumpster fire. I reckon that's the only way it got in there," wrote one person.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it came from the inside of the delivery bag," wrote another.

Uber Eats driver heat bag on back of motorbike
The McDonald's customer believes the cockroach crawled into the bag after the Uber Eats driver delivered it to the wrong address. Source: Getty

However, the original McDonald's customer came up with a theory of his own – the cockroach crawled in while it sat waiting outside at the wrong address.

"My guess is he crawled in while our food was sitting on the front porch of the wrong address for half an hour," he explained.

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