McDonald's customer stunned by bizarre find in Big Mac

A McDonald's customer wasn't lovin' it when she opened the box of her Big Mac to see two googley eyes staring right back at her.

Stephanie Baker posted a video of her Big Mac to TikTok showing her lifting up the bun only to find a hidden surprise underneath.

In a sea of cheese and iceberg lettuce, a small rodent face can be seen poking out— although thankfully for Ms Baker it was of the plastic variety.

Stephanie Baker found a plastic toy in her McDonald's Big Mac.
Stephanie baker was shocked when she found a surprise in her Big Mac. Source: TikTok/ crochetacutie

The cheeky plastic face ended up being a plastic Jerry toy from the animated series Tom and Jerry. Although an undoubtedly secure hiding place for the mouse, it wasn't an ideal addition to dinner.

"Why is Jerry in my Big Mac?" the perplexed 25-year-old captioned the video.

Ms Baker said she made the bizarre discovery under the meat patty in the burger that she'd purchased from a McDonald's in Wangaratta, Victoria.

The plastic Jerry toy was found in the cheese of her McDonald's Big Mac burger.
The plastic Jerry toy was swimming in the cheese of her Big Mac. Source: TikTok/ crochetacutie

"The burger was just thrown together, so I started to take off each layer to put it back together properly," Ms Baker explained to Yahoo News Australia.

'When I pulled off the second layer, I saw two eyes of a happy meal mouse toy through a hole in the cheese".

Although she admitted she was a "bit mad" at first, she did find it funny.

"I showed my mother and brothers and they thought it was me pulling an April Fool's joke at first," she laughed.

TikTok users react to funny find

Although some users initially thought the toy was several decades old— with one user commenting saying the toy came out in 1987 — another reassured her it's a toy that comes with Happy Meals.

"How would they not notice a toy when building the burger?" one user asked.

"100 per cent everyone that works there puts up these toys in the food prep area," another user who said they had worked at McDonald's commented. "They fall down in the food."

Others saw the silver lining in the situation.

"Idk what you’re complaining about that’s a free toy," one user joked while another said "it’s better than a REAL mouse".

A McDonald's spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they take food safety and quality "very seriously".

“We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food," they said.

“We are working with the restaurant and customer to investigate this further.”

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