McDonald's drive-thru customer's frightening encounter: 'Absolute nightmare'

A viral TikTok is showing the very Aussie moment a huntsman spider terrorised a girl in a McDonald's drive-thru.

The video, titled “Drive through in Australia”, was posted by TikToker @saige.raya on Friday, and has been quick to rack up over 277,000 views.

The nine second clip shows the TikToker ordering some coffee in the McDonald's drive-thru at Altona Meadows in Melbourne, while a passenger films.

The driver is placing her order as the passenger screams and zooms in on a huntsman spider on the outside of the windscreen.

The TikToker attempts to tell the drive-thru attendant how she’d like her coffee made, but keeps screaming as the spider moves over the windscreen.

In the comments section, the TikToker told viewers the spider kept running at the open window every time they put it down to order.

But, she confirmed the drive-thru team member came to her rescue at the second window.

“She tried to flick him off the car with a straw!” she wrote in the comments section.

‘Burn the car’: TikTok reacts to spider video

TikTok users from all over the world have taken to the comments section to express their opinion on the huntsman video.

“I wouldn’t have ordered, I would have just cried,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I feel that scream in my soul!” commented another.

“What an absolute nightmare,” said a third.

“You have to burn the car now,” said a fourth.

Other TikTokers have joked about the situation in comments.

“He wanted to put his order in too,” said one TikTok user.

“He wants to order some nuggets,” wrote another.

“It’s outside and they’re out there screaming like it’s going to break the glass,” joked a third.

Aussies share harrowing huntsman encounters in comments

Aussie TikTok users have also been commenting on the viral TikTok, adding stories of their own experiences with huntsman spiders.

“After work one day I got into my car to head home and a huntsman was inside — it had crawled through the vents,” said one user.

Badge huntsman spider eating a beetle in a garden. Source: Getty Images

“My mother jumped out of a moving vehicle once when a bunch of spider babies came out of the vents,” wrote another.

“I had one living in my car for a month. It used to come out and say Hi on my way to work and then disappear,” commented a third.

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