TikTok in disbelief over massive, 'world-record' spider

Arachnophobes look away, the following story may cause severe distress.

A global pandemic may have forced people worldwide to bunker down inside their homes, but now a viral video of a giant spider now has them terrified of what could be lurking inside the house.

TikTok user noobmanbanton posted a video of a larger-than-life arachnid on a wall of a house in Tobago, an island within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The giant spider on an orange wall.
The giant spider has horrified TikTok users. Source: TikTok

A woman can be heard in the background of the video saying: "You have to go back out of the window, or you'll be trapped inside again."

The user didn't speculate what species of spider had become his roommate overnight, however one TikToker suggested it was a Psalmopoeus cambridgei, the Trinidad chevron tarantula.

"It's very common to come out of rainy season," the user wrote. 'And yes it gets larger than that."

"you're welcome," they concluded the informative yet unsetting comment.

TikTok users horrified over spider

The video has been viewed over 323, 000 times, most viewers saying they would hightail it out of their house as soon as possible if they'd come across the unwanted visitor.

Some TikTokers suggested the age-old solution of burning down the house, while others had trouble getting over the size of the spider.

"Just leave forever, burn the house to the ground, then move to Antarctica, where creatures like that can't survive," one person wrote.

"That's not a spider that's a human," another wrote, horrified.

"No, it's a devil," one user declared. "Call a priest and a minister."

"Throw the whole island away," another said.

"I'm leaving Earth, who else coming to Mars with me," another TikTok user decided.

Many said it was the biggest spider they'd ever seen by far, with other's suggesting it might be the biggest in the world.

"Nah that's got to be a world record," one person claimed.

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