Viral TikTok reveals McDonald's onion secret: 'Sick'

A McDonald’s worker claims to have shared a “mind blowing” secret to how the restaurant prepares onions.

The man, who runs the EssentialMcDonalds TikTok account from the US, posted a video of the preparation.

In the video, he opens a packet of dehydrated onions and empties them into a plastic container.

“You see that line above the bottom? That’s where you’re going to fill your water up to,” he says as he pours water from a tap into the container.

A McDonald's worker pours dried onions into a container before adding water.
A McDonald's worker in the US posted a TikTok video showing how the tiny, mashed up onions are made. Source: TikTok/ EssentialMcDonalds

He then explains the container has a lid placed on it and it is left in the fridge for about two hours.

The man then removes them from the fridge.

“So what we’re going to do is pour them into the strainer here,” he says, pouring the contents into a plastic sieve.

“Then you just strain them and you’re done. There’s your dehydrated onions.”

He later added the process is “so simple” but “everyone’s mind [is] blown”.

Macca's onion reveal proves divisive

Viewers on TikTok were divided by onion revelation.

“I’m sick,” one woman wrote.

Another woman wrote, “I’ll never eat there now”.

However, a vast majority of people weren’t put off after finding out, with one woman even asking where to purchase the dehydrated onion packet.

“I love these onions. I always ask for extra,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added she didn’t care as “McDonald’s onions are the best”.

Yahoo News Australia understands Macca's in Australia uses the same onions on cheeseburgers, Big Macs and hamburgers as shown in the TikTok video. In fact, it's done globally at McDonald's restaurants.

However, the Big Mac doesn't use the same rehydrated onions and instead uses fresh ones.

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