'Nauseating': McDonald's employee divides TikTok with McRib video

A TikTok video showing how the famous McRib is made has left some people shocked.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by Isaiah Gilley in the US, shows how the McDonald’s cult favourite is created in the restaurant.

In the video, a man believed to be Mr Gilley removes two frozen and raw McRib fillets from a container and heats them up in a clam grill. While doing this, he toasts two buns.

After the buns are cooked he places onions and pickles on them, then removes the two fillets and dips them in a drawer laden with McRib sauce before placing them on the bread.

Bon appétit indeed.

A man is filmed making a McDonald's McRib.
A McDonald's employee has showed how the McRib is made. Source: TikTok/ Isaiah Gilley

Needless to say, some people online weren’t thrilled to see how sausage is made, so to speak.

“I have never had a McRib in my life. After watching this I am thanking my lucky stars,” one woman wrote.

Another said she got “diarrhea just watching this” while a third TikTok user labelled it “McGross”.

While some people were repulsed by the sandwich not everyone was completely turned off.

One man went as far to call it “nauseating” before writing: “I’ll take two”.

Another man wrote he would “walk over broken glass for McRib”.

Others were more excited at the news the McRib is back in US restaurants – it returned earlier this month. At this stage, it’s unavailable to Aussies though.

“I don’t care. I will always love McRib,” one woman wrote.

Some also pointed out the process of making it didn’t surprise them at all.

The video has been viewed more than 6.9 million times on the popular video sharing platform.

In a separate video, Mr Gilley explained he did not make the video to “expose McDonald’s” but to show people how some of their favourite fast food is made.

“Everybody out there should know what they're eating,” he said.

McDonald's has been contacted for comment.

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