Bizarre Macca's hack on TikTok baffles users: ‘Got to be illegal’

Life is all about balance, and one McDonald's fan has discovered the ultimate balancing act that has taken TikTok by storm.

TikToker Emmy Rachelle has divided the app with her unconventional Macca's setup, some declaring it genius while others don't see the point in it.

In the nine-second clip, Emmy takes the open burger box, with her fries sitting in the lid, and pops it over her straw to balance on top of her drink before enjoying her fast food meal.

Screenshot of TikToker Emmy, one showing her with the burger box opened up and hovering over the straw and the other frame showing the box balancing on the top of the drink.
TikToker Emmy has some people skeptical the 'hack' is any easier than using a table. Source: TikTok

"When people refuse to eat Maccas like this," she captioned the video, with the soundbite in the background saying "if you're boring just say that."

TikTokers divided over 'hack'

The clip has been viewed over 727,000 times, with almost 46,000 likes and close to 600 comments.

Some users couldn't believe they'd never seen anyone eat a Maccas meal like that, vowing to try it immediately.

"That’s genius I’m gonna try it," one user declared. "I've never seen anyone eat it like that before."

"My kids do this! they think it's the coolest thing," one mother exclaimed.

Others pointed out the nifty little setup could very quickly come undone simply by picking up the wrong fry.

"It's fun and games to you get the burger out and the drink falls and spills lol," one wrote.

"My brother did that and he wasted $50 of Maccas," another agreed.

"You have a table right there…" a confused TikToker commented.

"This is illegal," another declared.

Others shared haunting tales of when they had tried — and failed — the hack themselves, questioning the structural integrity of McDonald's packaging.

"I did it and my Big Mac fell on the crusty musty dirty maccas floor," a remorseful customer wrote.

"This is not thing," a TiKToker said decidedly. "We all know that paper straw ain’t gonna hold."

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